HVAC –7 Simple ways to help keep the HVAC budget lean

Lean HVAC Budget

Get as much information as you can about your location and units.

Don’t pay for R&D whenever possible get the information you need upfront to reduce your labour hours and expedite service. Some examples are:

  1. Get a complete asset list for your units including location, model number and serial number is a must
  2. Take a picture of your unit plate with model number and serial number, save it
    Look up parts per unit, model and location to keep on file:
  • Filter type and size
  • Belt size
  1. Keep an inventory and supply list of all your parts with your vendor at a location to expedite service, consolidate trips and lower labour rate.
  2. If your location allows PM work during regular hours, this will reduce labour rate from after-hours to regular.
  3. Ask your vendor to keep clearance procedures on file per location to expedite service for work.
  4. Ask if your vendor uses two-way radios instead of cell phones because sometimes cell phones don’t work due to the location’s concrete density. Using two-way radios can shave hours off your labour fees in a year’s span, especially when two men jobs are involved.

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