Retail Mechanical Services has personalized the strategy to national HVAC service solutions that satisfy clients’ fast-paced requirements by employing marketplace experience and professional service.

Retail Mechanical Services delivers :

Outstanding national HVAC coverage
National HVAC & Refrigeration pricing
First class emergency service
HVAC & Refrigeration Preventative Maintenance and Repairs
HVAC Equipment evaluation and asset database documentation
HVAC & Refrigeration Equipment replacements with complete photo documentation

What sets apart Retail Mechanical Services from other national HVAC & Refrigeration service businesses is the strategy we consider with your HVAC & Refrigeration needs, utilizing an exclusive model of judgment. Retail Mechanical Services has formulated unique sector programs that present “Diamond Level National HVAC & Refrigeration” service to you.

RMS -PM (HVAC & Refrigeration Maintenance Programs)

Employing the use of reporting to deliver to you business insights that will make the best use of your HVAC & Refrigeration budget, RMS-PMs gives uncomplicated, comprehensive availability to:

HVAC & Refrigeration Preventative Maintenance suggestions
An in-depth record of service calls, repairs, open work orders, and quotes
Asset documentation and replacement information
Warranty tracking for money-saving possibilities

Retail Mechanical National HVAC & Refrigeration Service benefits:

  • Certified, Experienced National HVAC & Refrigeration contractor network
  • Third-party contractor audits
  • In-house certified HVAC estimators
  • Diamond Level National HVAC & Refrigeration Service

We deliver “Diamond Level National HVAC & Refrigeration Service” utilizing the 4cs: Commitment, Consistency, Creativity, and Communication. With Retail Mechanical Services,  you’ll have a dedicated RMS expert team assigned to you; specifically, they will be familiar with your company culture and procedure to expedite service and consolidate redundancies that can be costly.

  • Real-time work order status updates
  • Custom financial reporting and invoicing tailored to your specific needs
  • A dedicated RMS service team
  • A dedicated business administrator to perform quarterly business reviews at your location of preference

If you’d like to learn more about our national HVAC & Refrigeration service, please give us a call at 631-297-9292 or email us at