Visiting New York with Professional Retail Services and its Affiliates

I’d never been to New York before when I got the news that I landed an incredible Marketing role for Professional Retail Services and its affiliates. Not only would I complete a week of training in New York, I’d also get to come back the following week for team building at the Office Olympics! Off to New York I went…

I knew of PRS’s reputation within the facilities industry, but it was apparent as soon as I got to the Bohemia office that they are a level above what I even expected!  I got to meet the phenomenal leadership team and learn about Retail Mechanical Services and their HVAC and refrigeration expertise, as well as Retail Security Services and their operations with armed and unarmed guards. PRS, RMS, and RSS offer nationwide services, so their new office was an impressive testament to the high level of work performed.


I can’t talk about a first trip to New York without talking about food! I thought this venture would be all business, but everyone I met said as a New York newbie I had to try the pizza, have some pasta, and find a hot dog cart.

Hands down, my favorite was New York-style pizza. I am a convert, this is THE best pizza!

The RMS team even brought in treats from an Italian bakery, which my sweet tooth loved.

Aside from the food, I got to have the incredible team-building experience of participating in the Office Olympics!

Staff from PRS, RMS, and RSS were split into randomly assigned teams for the third annual Office Olympics, with 2022’s winning Team Germany remaining complete from the year prior. The remaining players made up Team Spain, Team Ireland, Team Jamaica, Team France, Team Canada, Team Italy, and Team USA, plus a team of impartial referees.

The competition began with a Hula Hoop Tic Tac Toe and descended into chaos for Blind Connect Four. Whether the rules or the route were unclear (we did have a collision, folks), Team Jamaica began to pull ahead after this event. While I fully believe my team (Go España!) was robbed on the Shoe Showdown and could’ve taken home a respectable Bronze medal, we were inched out by Team USA who finished in third place. Team Canada and Team Jamaica put in valiant efforts in the egg toss, but ultimately Team Canada was no match for Team Jamaica’s egg-cellent toss skills. Canada took silver, and the gold medal belongs to Team Jamaica!

Aside from the competition, staff from all three companies mingled and built camaraderie, spending the afternoon out of the office and engaged in celebrating our mutual wins. Remote employees joined in the fun too, creating a day with a spirit that embodies the fun and supportive culture at PRS, RMS, and RSS. As a brand new employee, I can’t think of a better way to get to know my colleagues and experience firsthand the community that PRS, RMS, and RSS are.

All in all, my first experience of New York was incredible! I’m so grateful to the leadership and team and everyone I met for welcoming me with open arms and keeping me fed! (Did I mention the pizza?!)