June 26th – World Refrigeration Day

This June 26th, 2019, will be World Refrigeration Day.

Retail Mechanical Services (RMS) is a supporter of World Refrigeration Day. This day is meant to raise awareness of the impact that all refrigeration, cooling, and heating supplies have over significant parts of present-day life – from health to nourishment and cultivating, process engineering and IT, refrigeration technologies are necessary but are rarely recognized. The term ‘refrigeration’ here is meant to describe the process of achieving and maintaining the desired temperature less than that of its environment.


Refrigeration, cooling, and heating advancements have developed out of a human requirement for nourishment, comfort, and warmth. Even having a history going back hundreds of years, it remains a longstanding dissatisfaction for those working inside these businesses because it isn’t generally perceived that modern life couldn’t exist without it. “Nor is there any appreciation by wider society for the skills and knowledge employed daily by industry professionals,” said refrigeration consultant Steve Gill.


Please take this day to join us and all other HVAC/R companies in helping spread the importance of these technologies.


A website, www.worldrefrigerationday.org, is currently under construction and is intended to be ready by September. Until then, events and updates may be found through twitter @worldrefday.


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